What should you know about ecotourism?

Travel lovers, you will understand through this article, what ecotourism is and how it is practiced around the world.

Ecotourism: What is it ?

Still referred to as responsible tourism, ecotourism is an environmentally friendly form of conquest that is being used more and more. Discovering new horizons and interacting with new cultures are the main objectives of tourism.

However, the term ecotourism is used when criteria such as environmental conservation and the improvement of the living conditions of the people living in the respective territories of the various destinations in question are added. This concept has been established since 1970 in order to make the tourism sector more dynamic.

The benefits of ecotourism

Ecotourism helps to offset or avoid the harm that mass tourism can cause to the environment. It should be noted here that tourism, although a leisure activity, can very quickly contribute to the degradation of the destinations visited. This is due to the various types of pollution caused by the waste left by visitors.

Thus, it is necessary to find another equally effective way of doing tourism without negatively affecting the ecosystem. Ecotourism appears as a means of correcting and restoring the environment to its natural state.

By considering this logic, ecotourism becomes a management and sustainable development tool that helps countries to develop their heritage without risks.

How does ecotourism work?

With the awareness that is being raised on a daily basis about the disadvantages of mass tourism, many actors in the sector are becoming aware of the threat that is looming on the horizon. This is why ecotourism is being adopted around the world these days.

The main actions that are being implemented concern: the planned recovery of waste. Then, the sorting of this waste and the recycling of those that can still be used, for example plastic waste.

There is also the inclusion of activities such as reforestation during the visits. Each visitor is asked to plant at least one plant before leaving.

In this way, ecotourism helps to combat climate change and maintain a healthy environment.