Discovering Akon city

Travelling through the ideas that are planned for the future city of Akon city, it is indeed possible. Discover through the information below the particularities that this purely African destination will have.

Presentation of the Akon city project

An initiative of the talented and renowned American rapper Akon, with Senegalese origins, Akon city is a tourist project that aims to be a destination of choice. It bears, as you may have noticed, the name of this artist.

Thanks to his experiences in the music industry, he plans to launch himself in the tourism sector in order to better promote his country, Senegal, and Africa.

After watching the video that presents the skeleton of Akon city, you too will be impatient to see the final result of this projection that is making the rounds on social networks.

Akon city project completion

This project has entered its active phase after the signing of an agreement between the artist Akon and the Minister of Tourism and Air Transport of Senegal. This city will be built in Mbodienne not far from Dakar, the country's capital.

The area planned to house the magic city covers 1,000 hectares and is located near Blaise Diagne airport.

The particularities of Akon city

According to the artist's words, the city will be built from crypto-currency financing which by the way will become a currency used in the premises of this city. This crypto currency transaction activity will be called: Akoin.

Also, he plans to give an intelligent aspect to this future city through the installation of advanced technology. Akon city will include: offices and residences, a large hospital, a beach resort, a university, a stadium, an African village for entertainment and relaxation and, of course, a large recording studio.

Get ready to discover this African City that sells dreams. It will be built by then for the pleasure and happiness of all.


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